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Years Ago, My Wife and I Promised Each Other... 

...That as soon as working in the industry was no longer fun or rewarding, we would go into business for ourselves.  So after nearly 20 years of working in various restaurants, country clubs, and banquet venues; countless, agonizingly long days and nights away from our children; we've finally made good on our promise.

We wanted to renew that passion and excitement that drove us to the business in the first place. Food and hospitality have always been a huge part of our lives, and it also happens to be where we met and began our life together. 

We also promised each other that when we embarked on this new journey, we would do so with integrity. That's part of the reason we are so focused on the quality of the ingredients we use. We source locally whenever possible, and work only with the most reputable vendors who share our vision. You can feel confident that by choosing The Farmer's Table, you will receive the very best food and service available. 

That is our promise to you.

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